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 Enmark’s full development staff is focused on creating and enhancing the functions and features of Eniteo.
The knowledge and experience gained through 30 years of continuous involvement in the steel industry has provided Enmark with the tools necessary to create and maintain rock-solid code tailored specifically for Metal Service Centers.
The Windows-based flagship product of Enmark, Eniteo, was launched in late 2004 and has taken roots deep in the Metal Service Center community. Eniteo, which means to shine forth/out, be outstanding/conspicuous – utilizes advanced technology including barcode scanning, touch-screen shop floor and Microsoft Cloud services.
The close partnership between service center and Enmark’s development group allows for accurate and aggressive solutions to the ever-evolving needs of the Metal Service Center industry. Enmark continues this relationship with each of its customers to maintain and ensure complete satisfaction.
“Just a few clicks of the mouse and I’m able to assess and manage the health of the ” business on a daily basis, track key performance indicators and study business trends.
- Shawn Lynam, ThyssenKrupp Online Metals

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